Sant Joan Festival

The Sant Joan Festival takes place from June 22 to 25 and the Sunday before those days. They are the most traditional and emblematic of Menorca, since their origin dates back to the beginning of the 14th century. The main protagonist of the festivities is the horse. The caixer horsemen, dressed in black and white, go on their horses through the streets of the town.

Festival plan:

June 22nd

  • 21:00 Bonfires of Sant Joan in different parts of Ciutadella

June 23

  • 09:00 Fabiol’s First Toc, Calle Sant Antoni 5
  • 14:00 Start of the Replec de Caixers and Cavallers
  • 18:00 Caragol des Born
  • 19:00 Hazelnut Launch on Constitució Avenue
  • 20:00 Hazelnut launches on Avenida Constitució, between Bar de Calós and Plaça de Ses Palmeres
  • 20:00 Musical performance (In front of Bar Calós)
  • 21:00 Caragol de Santa Clara

June 24

  • 08:00 Replec de Caixers, Sant Antoni 5
  • 18:00 Jocs des Pla, Puerto de Ciutadella – Es Pla

June 25th

  • 23:00 Fireworks over the sea, They are launched from the urbanization of Son Oleo