Sant Martí Festival Es Mercadal

TheSant Martí Festival is in honor of the patron saint of Es Mercadal, it is celebrated on the third weekend of July. It is one of the oldest festivals after Sant Joan, of great tradition and importance in the area and recommended for all visitors to the island. Of ancient origin, in the beginning the work of Sant Martí celebrated its festive acts in honor of its patron on the corresponding autumn date, although at one point in history they decided to move them to summer, when most of the festivities of this nature in the rest of the populations of the island.
At the beginning of the 20th century, the structure of the qualcada (cavalcade) was already practically made up of the members that are known today, representatives of the sectors that played a prominent role in the traditional societies of past centuries. There are the caixers, Sobreposat (single), Casat (married), Pagès (peasant), Capellà (priest) and Batlle (mayor). Accompanying them, the fabioler and the other cavallers (horsemen).